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Image bank

An extensive image bank is available for free in the ITESLIVE platform. Images can be shared directly, or they can be leveraged during the template creation process.

Template bank

A content bank is provided free of charge and can be accessed directly from the software. You can choose the content you want and use it is as it is, or you can easily customize it. Easily create and edit templates from the software with the content editor.

Create your own template

The ITESLIVE software offers a simple yet powerful content editor, which allows you to create content tailored to your audience directly from it.

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Content management

Distribute content in real time

The advanced distribution module lets you manage content centrally, for either a single display or your entire digital signage network. You can easily manage large display networks by groups or by using tags.

Keep your content up to date

Prepare your content and set an end date directly from the calendar option. This way, you’ll always share the right content at the right time.

Centralized management

ITESLIVE lets you share content on various tools such as Microsoft Teams, screensavers, the intranet or a web page. The digital signage software lets you harmonize your communications through all distribution channels.

A wide variety of applications

Office 365

Easily share your Office 365 documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) directly on your screens using ITESLIVE.


Share posts from your Facebook accounts on your digital displays.


Share weather forecasts on your digital signage.


Share live newsfeeds of your choice on your digital signage.

Google Slides, Google Docs and Google Sheets

Share your documents on your screens with Google Slides, Google Docs and Google Sheets – all you need to do is add the URL in the appropriate field.

Transportation (GTFS and GTFS-RT)

Share public transportation schedules (metro, bus, train) in real time.

Highly secure solution

Microsoft Azure


Two-factor authentication

Activate the two-factor authentication feature for enhanced security.

Password management

Set up the password creation requirements for users within an organization.


Highly secure hosting solution used by 95% of Fortune 500 companies.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Use your users’ Active Directory accounts to connect to the ITESLIVE studio.

Communicate on all your screens and tools

ITESLIVE digital signage software works on any device with a screen. Whether it is a digital display monitor, an interactive screen, an interactive kiosk, a screensaver, a tablet, a media player or a video wall. You can also broadcast content in the Microsoft Teams app, any web browser, and screen savers.

What do you want to display?

Our software can accommodate all your needs, by screen, by office or to multiple devices.

Are you ready to use digital signage in your organization?

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