Dynamic digital signage software for cities

Dynamic digital signage and parking guidance are the backbone of a smart and connected city. These real-time communication tools improve urban mobility as well as communication of messages intended to the general public.
  • Automate communication of information in real time
  • Share information on any display you like
  • Customize your presentations and messages to meet the needs of your city
  • Open data ensuring interoperability with communication systems
  • Share parking restrictions in the streets during snow removal operations
  • Improve mobility and traffic flow for the downtown area
  • Display the number of parking spaces available in real time
  • Help motorists reach their destination faster
  • Improve accessibility to shops, businesses and restaurants
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Our platform is compatible with:


Many types of information to share

Parking information

Parking information

Share relevant parking information in real time.

  • Available parking spots
  • Directions to the nearest parking
  • Price
  • Name of the parking
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Sports and cultural activities

Sports and cultural activities

ITESLIVE is connected to your recreation management system (e. g.: Ludik), which automatically displays activities offered by your city on your screens. Here are some examples of information that can be shared:

  • Schedules and locations
  • Names of people in charge
  • Name of the event
  • Prices
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Citizen communications

Citizen communications

Share communications with motorists, pedestrians and cyclists easily, quickly and in real time, throughout the entire city or in specific boroughs.

  • Snow removal
  • Closed streets
  • Nearby traffic accidents
  • Registration to recreation services and day camps
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Emergency messages

Emergency messages

Quickly share emergency messages on specific screens or throughout the entire digital display network by using tags and predefined message lists. Emergency messages include:

  • Amber alerts
  • Weather warnings
  • Fire alarms
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Interactive displays for tourists

Guide your citizens and tourists visiting your city and stay one step ahead of their questions, and suggest local attractions. The ITESLIVE software helps you share:

  • lists of activities, restaurants, hotels and nearby businesses
  • important information during events and festivals
  • historical facts and educational information about the city
Une multitude d’applications

A wide variety of integrations

ITESLIVE can be integrated with many tools you are already using, such as the Office 365 suite, Google Slides, Docs, Sheets, etc. This facilitates content creation and offers many different types of shareable content.

  • Display content connected to your data sources
  • Share social media posts
  • Transmit television programs
  • Show videos and images
  • Present tables and graphs

We offer a turnkey solution

Our team of specialists will assist you throughout your digital signage project.

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Communicate on all your screens and tools

ITESLIVE digital signage software works on any device with a screen. Whether it is a digital display monitor, an interactive screen, an interactive kiosk, a screensaver, a tablet, a media player or a video wall. You can also broadcast content in the Microsoft Teams app, any web browser, and screen savers.

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