Cloud based digital signage software made for real estate

Today’s real estate brokerages need to deliver exceptional experiences to agents and clients on tight margins. ITESLIVE digital signage solution helps broker/owners:
  • Communicate better to agents and clients
  • Deliver immersive digital experiences in and out of the office
  • Reduce operating costs via our easy-to-use, automated solution
  • Manage content to any screen or device anywhere
  • Send targetted personalized messages to specific screens or office locations
  • Ready-to-use templates to advertise partners, generate revenue, offset costs
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Deliver a best in class experience in and out of your office with ITESLIVE digital signage software.



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Let us help your brokerage be a communication leader via:

Window displays

Window displays

  • Share community events
  • Share listing data in real-time
  • Promote agent profiles
  • Sell ad space to Partners
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Lobby Displays

Lobby Displays

  • Interactive In/Out board for agents and staff
  • Offer listings search and lead capture
  • Welcome new agents; acknowledge birthdays
  • Possibilities are endless
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Back Office Displays

Back Office Displays

  • Share office performance metrics
  • Display agent rankings
  • Control how and where you share internal-only communications
  • Push different information to different office locations
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  • Engage with kiosks in your community or shopping malls, managed remotely
  • Enable agents to have immersive digital experiences in your office
  • Offer the use your content and listings anywhere, on any device for listing presentations
  • Deliver great experiences with your brand, listings and agents everywhere
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Recruit and retain agents, deliver striking marketing experiences.

  • Show agents you invest in your office and effective communication
  • Acknowledge agent achievements - put their name and picture front and centre
  • Improve your office’s appeal
  • Create connections with your agents
  • Improve agent productivity
  • Share data in real-time automatically and personalized
  • Window screens increase your community’s engagement with your agents, listings and partners

What do you want to display?

Our software can accommodate all your needs, by screen, by office or to multiple devices.

The above prices are for informational purposes exclusively and correspond to a 12-month agreement. Initial configuration fees must be expected.

We offer a turnkey solution

Our team of specialists will assist you throughout your digital signage project.

  • Software
  • Content strategy
  • Set-up, Training and Service
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Why RE/MAX uses the ITESMEDIA solution?

Their primary objective was to take advantage of the volume of passersby and attempt to attract people.
The digital signage solution manages the content and connects directly to the real-estate database, this allows for the listing and realtor information to be automatically updated.

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